About YinYu

On the shore of a lake surrounded by mountains, the morning sun shines through the mist, illuminating the sparkling lake. This is a place favored by nature and known as a fisherman's paradise, attracting fishing enthusiasts from all over the world to experience the joy of fishing. 

Beside this mysterious and quiet lake, a unique fishing brand - YinYu was born. The founder of YinYu is a fishing fanatic and engineer. He combined his love of fishing with the pursuit of technology to create a series of high-end and exquisite fishing equipment.

The brand name "YinYu" implies the harmony and beauty of nature, just like the singing of birds by the lake echoing in the morning. The brand's slogan "Lure's trip, with YinYu as a companion, conveys infinite fun between one line" accurately captures the passion and expectations in the hearts of anglers.

Every product of Yinyu is a finely crafted work of art, from the selection of materials to the carving of craftsmanship, all reflect the ultimate pursuit of the brand. Whether it is spinning reel or fishing rod, the most advanced technology and the most advanced materials are integrated to provide anglers with the highest quality tools.

YinYu's team is composed of a group of experts and technical masters in the field of fishing. They are constantly developing and innovating to ensure that each product can play the best effect in the fishing trip. The brand pays attention to details and user experience, and hopes to bring the most perfect enjoyment to every angler.

"On Lure's trip, Yinyu will be your companion, and the fun will be delivered between one line." This is not just a slogan, but also the promise of the Yinyu brand. Every casting is an opportunity to talk to nature; every harvest is an experience of the essence of fishing. Yinyu accompanies every step of your fishing trip, conveys unlimited fun, and makes fishing an elegant attitude towards life.

In this high-end and atmospheric brand story, Yinyu is not only a fishing brand, but also a taste, a pursuit, and a luxurious fishing experience. Lure’s trip, YinYu was his companion, delivering infinite fun one line, which made the Otowa brand brilliant and legendary.